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I’m going to save this as a draft and link to it every time I get a stupid anon

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The movie isn’t even out and I’ve already discovered my favorite part.

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So my flight out to SDCC cost me a total of $5. I’m flying into LAX and then bus-ing down to San Diego for $11. Then I’m bus-ing or train-ing back up to LA from the 28th to August 1 to visit some of my oldest GJ/IJ RP friends, and then…

Then I am taking Amtrak back across the country all by myself.

I am so excited.

I’m taking the southwest route through New Mexico and Arizona, up through Kansas and Missouri and into Chicago and then from Chicago through Ohio and upstate NY back to Penn Station. I hate hate hate flying, so when I found this ticket and it was only $223? I took it immediately. (It was legit $5 more than the flight was going to be forced to book on United and $10 less than the flight I wanted on JetBlue. PERFECT.)

Amtrak is super flexible too, so if I want to change to another route between now and then I can, but I’m sooooooo excited, ugh. 

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