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As simply as possible, because my dash is GROSS right now:

Shipping Stiles/Derek is not a “win” for homosexual relationships represented on television if you then refuse to acknowledge that this has caused the erasure of the actually gay character on the same show

They aren’t canonly gay or in a relationship.

Danny is!

Bonus fact: Elevating the needs/wants of Sterek, despite that technically being non-existent, above a canonly gay POC character plays into a reeeeeeally problematic societal framework that you might want to think twice about supporting. 

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#and by problematic i mean racist  #I love this ship as much as the next person  #I eat up fic for this ship as much as the next person  #But the reactions to this poll are GROSS  #And this fandom needs to join Lena Dunham in Race Gender and Media 101  #teen wolf  #sterek 
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    This is all really true. But I am an asshole and when the characters are that hot, and I dont even watch the show, Its...
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