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This is a full round table interview with Jeff Davis conducted at SDCC 2013 (I think there’s also half Tyler Posey’s interview on there as well because I’m uploading this from my phone at work because if I wait any longer I’m going to forget).

I transcribed his answer about Boyd’s death below (a few words may be off— as you’ll hear audio was sketchy), but you can directly listen to me ask the question and his response towards the middle of the track. The long and short of it is that he blames Boyd’s lack of character/death on the fact that Gage Golightly decided to leave the show.

“What went into the decision to kill Boyd off last week?”

“A lot of things— partially I think it was good for the story, it was good for— certain things that had to happen. To be honest we had an entire different arc planned out but gage golightly and her reps, they wanted to go for pilots and a lot of boyd’s character was tied into erika. we had this big, whole different arc planned out for 3A and then at the last minute we find out, “oh crap, she’s not coming back, we gotta change a lot of things.” That came about because of certain— sometimes you lose actors. But I think his death scene was really great and actually kind of— it’s actually gonna be a big impact and make waves for other characters. Would I have liked to be able to explore more with certain characters? Yeah, absolutely, but it was nice to get Gage Golightly back for another day to fill in that scene that comes within Boyd’s scene to connect those two characters.

I’ll upload the rest of the interviews when I’m in front of a real computer.

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