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we found a bag of weed in central park tonight.

i have no idea what to actually do with it, but i took it as a souvenir as a fun drunk night with friends.

we were the worst group of people to find a bag of free drugs, let me tell you.

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Me:Did you hear about the shooting down the block this morning? Did you leave the house before it happened?
Roomie:Yeah. That's the second one since we moved in.
Me:Well you know... too many white people move into a neighborhood and everything all just starts going to shit.
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There was a point in time when I used to be super paranoid about people seeing me naked in my room from the street or from other buildings.

Now I’ve realised that we live in NYC and if my naked body is the worst thing you see all day then you should consider yourself blessed and take an entire eyeful.

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Just had the sudden realisation that Neil Patrick Harris and I are going to be sort of neighbours soon.

Harlem, what is even happening?!

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Today I let a stranger sharpen my skates. 

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Some gross old dude tried to kiss me in front of the gap outlet on 125th, so I punched him in the face. Ofc I was wearing the BRAND NEW leather gloves I’d bought from H&M two hours beforehand and now they’re all a mess. Argh.

I was way more concerned about those gloves than the fact that the police were called, tbh.

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New Yorkers Aren’t Rude. You Are.


And I mean that title with the utmost of respect.

I’ve been a denizen of this fair[ly crappy] city my entire life, in one way or another.  I spent some time in LA during college, but don’t worry, I got over it.  The one thing, though, that I’ve consistently heard from around the US is that New York is a rude city.

This is, I feel, based on a fundamental misunderstanding of what this place is.  

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So at like 11:30 I watched someone get shot in front of my apartment (and was about 30 seconds, and one decision to not go back for a lighter jacket away from being shot myself), and then at 5:30 I watched someone get ejected from their car in a crash on 134th. 

Stay away from me, I may or may not be cursed.

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A kid got hit by a 1 train tonight at 79th because he and his friends needed to get to the downtown platform, so instead of leaving the station and crossing the street, they decided to cross the motherfucking tracks.

He’s dead now.

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"'Ey girl, you play lacrosse? I bet you look good. Where Beacon Hills play at?"
Today (like five minutes ago) in street harassment.
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